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Tom Clarke
CEO  |  Email


Sales Department

Michael Clarke
Director of Public Relations and Marketing  |   Email

Samantha Roberts
Customer Service Manager  |   Email

Elizabeth Sears
Customer Service Representative  |  Email

James Bragg
Customer Service Representative  |  Email

Kayla Ponder
Customer Service Representative  |  Email

Ashley Hancock
Customer Service Representative  |  Email

Amanda Leverett
Customer Service Representative Assistant  |  Email 

Sandra Bennett
Textile Division Representative  | Email 


Brokerage Department

Drew Barry
Director of Marketing  |  Email

Brandon Plocki
Executive Marketing Assistant  |  Email


New Business Development Department

Brenda Mullis
Business Development Specialist  |  Email


Art Department

Rachel Hall
Art Director |  Email

John Daniels
Color Management Specialist  |  Email

Brian Branch
Graphic Designer  |  Email

Brittney Penland
Graphic Designer  |  Email

Casey Tanner
Graphic Designer  |  Email

George Emond
Graphic Designer  |  Email


Production Department

Matthew Frey
Head of Operations/Purchasing  |  Email

Mark Milliones
Plant Production Manager  |  Email

Lori Enos
Shipping Manager |  Email

Paula Avery
Safety Compliance Manager  |  Email 



Chris Clarke
IT Project Manager  |  Email


Katie Everett
Brand Designer & E-Commerce Manager |  Email


Accounting Department

Randell Herring
CFO/Office Manager  |  Email

Tammy Willis
Accounts Receivable Collections Manager |  Email

Stephanie Hart
Accounts Payable  |  Email

Lisa Conine
Collections |  Email

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